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Electric tools to strengthen technology innovation
Author:admin Published Time:2015-06-08 09:31

Electric tools to strengthen technology innovation

In global sales of electric tools, for the most part from the production and export in our country, our country has become a major world power tool suppliers.

Electric tool industry in the development at the same time, some problems are also increasingly exposed.Progress is slow, especially in scientific research and development system reform and foreign gap, to earn foreign exchange through export products is low, the low level of performance, price is also low, enterprise scale is small, set degree is low, raw material rises in price factors seriously restrict the further development of the industry and the improvement of quality.

Electric tool enterprise must grasp the new development situation, increase scientific and technological innovation, actively carry out product certification, accelerate the reform of enterprise technology strength, improve the supporting measures, actively create conditions to attract foreign investment, promote the enterprise asset restructuring, only in this way can an impregnable position in the new situation.

Pneumatic tools market

Pneumatic tools market favored by merchants, on the one hand is its technical requirements are higher, a pneumatic tools use broader, plus further keep up with the after-sales service, from previous customers worry about bad product maintenance concerns all the time, make the pneumatic tools sold situation has been further stability.

But because of its high market price as a whole than electric tools, it also became the pneumatic tools without universal is one of the main reasons.

With the continuous improvement of the domestic production technology and mature, the price of the pneumatic tools will gradually decline.

Hardware tools gift suit popular

As people gradually increase the level of consumption, car into the ordinary people family, automobile accessory tools and metal parts demand a substantial improvement.

Auto accessory tools such as wrench, a jack, riveter, notably the electric conductor best tool sales.

Electric appliance tools small volume, light weight, good performance, the use of safe.Riveter also can be used in decoration, carpentry and other decoration industry, fully staffed.

At the same time, practical household tools started to go off.In a wide range of exquisite packaging, complete kinds, function and reasonable price, is a good helper of households and firms, is also a great gifts for family and friends.

Especially some foreign tourists, especially the practical family combination tools, the choose and buy a set of for private use or for family and friends, and economical.

Demand is strong hardware tools products, particularly the emergence of gift kit, specify a new path for hardware tools industry.